This month's issue focuses on fasteners.

RetroDriller Specialty Fastener


OMG Roofing Products offers the broadest selection of commercial roofing fasteners in the industry. OMG has fasteners for every deck type, including the RetroDriller, the latest specialty fastener for purlin attachment in metal retrofit applications. All are FM approved and most feature OMG’s exclusive CR-10 Coating, which exceeds F.M. Approval Standard 4470. For more information, call 800-633-3800 or

Drill-Tec RhinoBond System

GAF Materials Corporation

The Drill-Tec™RhinoBond®System is your fast and easy option for fastening single-ply membranes. Developed in concert with OMG, The Drill-Tec™ RhinoBond® fastener system allows roofers to achieve the look and performance of a fully adhered roof at nearly the cost of a mechanically attached system. The system is designed for use over many insulation systems: ISO, Securock™, Dens-Deck® Prime, high density wood fiber board, or plywood. For more information,

Standard and Specialty Fasteners

Triangle Fastener Corporation

Triangle Fastener Corporation supplies standard and specialty fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories to the commercial construction industry. Fastening solutions for metal, wood, drywall, and concrete applications are available from 24 locations. With seven in house painting facilities, we can paint fasteners, rivets, and metal closures fast. We also provide jobsite and technical assistance, Pak-One™ job pack programs, and product development. For more information, call 800-486-1832; fax: 412-321-7838; or

Rust Protection Screws

Raytec Manufacturing

Raytec Manufacturing has been serving the building industry since 1956. Specializing in fasteners for seamless gutter applications, Raytec utilizes an in house salt spray testing lab to test screws in accordance with ASTM –B117 specifications. Screws include the 200-hour Gold Color Zinc (photo) designed for outdoor use. These zinc screws provide up to 10 times the red rust protection compared to the common silver zinc screws which according to the ANSI/ASME standards are not intended for indoor use. The product was tested in an environmentally controlled salt spray chamber using ASAT B117 standards. All screws are magnetic 1/4 hex head with washers, and come in all popular colors and sizes. For more information, call 877-800-2500.

Electro-Galvanized Wire-Weld Coil

Maze Nails

Hot-dipped and electro-galvanized wire-weld coil and hand drive roofing nails are available from Maze Nails – 100 percent Made in the U.S.A. These nails are compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which includes a provision that projects receiving this federal funding purchase American-Made goods. Stainless steel roofing nails are also available. For more information, call 800-435-5949.

Drill Point Roofing Fasteners


TRUFAST Drill Point Roofing Fasteners are engineered for fast, secure attachment of insulation and membrane. The double flute, self-drilling point speeds penetration of the roof deck, and their exclusive tapered entry design provides exceptional back-out resistance. Available in #12, #14, and #15 diameters in lengths up to 24 inches, black Ecoat and white dip spin coatings, and stainless steel. The product is 100 percent American made. For complete selection and specifications, call 800-443-9602 or

UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld System

Firestone Building Products

The Firestone UltraPly™ TPO InvisiWeld™ System is a high performance, non-penetrating TPO membrane fastening system. One of the fast growing attachment systems in the market, the InvisiWeld System features a special TPO-coated plate that bonds to the membrane using a heat induction welding tool. Ergonomically designed, this VOC-free system requires 25 percent to 50 percent fewer fasteners, translating into lower labor and material costs and simplified installation. For more information,

Stainless-Steel Fasteners

Simpson Strong-Tie

When evaluating the cost of upgrading to stainless-steel fasteners, economical is probably not the first word that comes to mind. However, when compared to the overall job, the small additional cost of stainless steel is inexpensive insurance against corrosion and unattractive staining that can occur with other fasteners. Stainless-steel fasteners are reliable and long lasting, and reduce costly callbacks. Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide array of top-grade stainless-steel fasteners that are backed by our commitment to quality, performance and service. For more information, call 800-999-5099 or

Roofer's Choice Fuel + Nail Packs


The Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer System uses Roofer’s Choice™ Fuel + Nail packs with PowerBoost™ nails. The Fuel + Nail packs maximize the tool’s performance and mean you never run out of fuel before you run out of nails. Each Fuel + Nail pack comes with one quicklode™ fuel cell and six coils of nails (or 720 nails per box). The nails feature the PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating for superior ease of drive and a unique vertical groove design for better holding power than standard roofing nails. Each Fuel + Nail Pack contains enough nails to do two squares (200 square feet), your typical roofing repair job. For more information, call 800-222-6990 or