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Steel Coil Nails for Synthetic Slate

Swan Secure Products Inc. offers a complete line of stainless steel coil nails for synthetic slate, shake, and shingle. Swan Secure Products also manufacture hand driven stainless steel and copper nails for natural slate and tile roofing application. All products are in stock for immediate delivery. For information on Swan Secure Products,

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Polyset Roofing System

Polyfoam Products developed the Polyset® roofing system after seeing the devastation from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and realizing then-current roof tile attachment methods failed to perform. Polyfoam utilized its expertise in eco-friendly polyurethane foam systems to devise an innovative, secure tile attachment method that applies quickly and easily, saving time, labor and money: Polypro® AH160 two-component polyurethane foam adhesive. For information,

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Roof-Top Heavy-Duty Fastener

The Roof-Top #14 heavy-duty roofing fastener is available with a spade point and #3 Phillips drive that is ideal for up to 22-gauge steel. Roof-Top #14 Phillips drive/drill-point heavy-duty fasteners are ideal for up to 18-gauge steel and in all wood roof decks. The Roof-Top product line is available in lengths from 1.5 inches to 12 inches. This screw also has a multitude of other uses such as pole barns; log homes, and landscaping just to name a few. For more information, call 800-248-0280 or

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Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

With increased power and torque, the easy-to-use Hilti ST 1800 Adjustable Torque Screwdriver sets the standard for fast, reliable metal-to-metal fastenings. The ST 1800 can be used alone or with the Hilti SDT 25 Decking Tool, another Hilti innovation, to work in an upright position for added comfort and flexibility to fasten into metal decking and bar joists. Together they can be used with Hilti collated screws for faster screw-driving and improved contact pressure for improved productivity. The ST 1800 and SDT 25 stand-up system fastens up to three times faster than traditional fastening methods. For more information,

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Double-Locking Impact Nail

The OMG OlyLok Fastener is a double-locking impact nail engineered to secure base sheets and recovery boards to Tectum, gypsum, and many lightweight concrete decks. Precision formed from Galvalume coated steel, it does not require pre-drilling, and locking wire barbs provide increased pullout resistance. System manufacturers and Factory Mutual approve OlyLok. For more information, call 800-633-3800 or

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200 Hour Rust Protection

Raytec Manufacturing developed a new plating process for zinc screws. This new plating protects against red rust for up to 200 hours. The ANSI / ASME standard for the common commercial silver zinc plating is 1 to 4 microns thick. This insignificant layer of silver zinc will provide up to 24 hours of rust protection when subject to a laboratory salt spray test. Silver zinc screws are not designed for outside applications. Raytec engineers designed plating, which would protect screws from red rust for up to 200 hours in a slat spray test. The plating is gold color and the heads are available in all the popular colors. For more information, call 877-800-2500 or fax 717-354-4306.

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Double Flute Self-Drilling Design

Mule-Hide Drill Point Fasteners feature a double flute, self-drilling design for efficient penetration into the roof deck. Used in conjunction with Mule-Hide 3-inch Metal Stress Plates for superior wind uplift resistance. Specially designed for mechanical attachment of roof insulation boards and other approved cover boards into steel or wood decks. Heavy Duty Fasteners and Barbed Seam Plates are also available. For information, call 800-786-1492 or

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ASO Panhead Screws

ASO Panhead Screws have been copied by many screw suppliers. The T-17 saw cut point cuts through sheet metal with no pre-drilling and the asymmetrical thread design increases pullout values over traditional fasteners. The Quadrex drive eliminates cam-out and saves time, money, and fingers. Also available in wafer head, yellow zinc and stainless. For more information, call 800-943-9771; fax 770-920-6838; or

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Sure-Tite Fastener

Carlisle SynTec®, the industry leader of single-ply roofing, offers Sure-Tite® Fasteners to reinforce EPDM membrane as part of a mechanically fastened roof system. Coupled with Carlisle’s Sure-Tite Fastening Bar, Sure-Tite Fasteners are used on steel decks to achieve FM1-90 wind uplift rating. The Sure-Tite Fastener features a nominal 0.33-inch diameter and an oversized head design resulting in extra stability. For more information,

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Sheet or Insulation Attachment

The Twin Loc-Nail is a specialty roofing fastener designed for base sheet or insulation attachment to cementitious wood fiber, gypsum and lightweight concrete decks. The Twin Loc-Nail consists of a metal sleeve fitted with an integral stress distribution plate and a locking staple. All components of the fastener are corrosion resistant, meeting FM 4470 requirements. Moreover, the fastener is pre-assembled, making for a quick, easy installation and providing for consistent withdrawal resistance performance. For information,

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Low-Profile Head Fastener

The CONCEALOR® Low Profile head fastener line was developed specifically for attaching metal roof panel clips to a variety of substrates. Many sizes and types are available for a wide range of applications, including: fasten into metal or wood; square drive head for positive engagement and driving stability; lengths up to 73/4 inches long; TRI-ACQ coated available for improved corrosion resistance and use in ACQ lumber; 304 and 410 stainless steel available; and free square drive bits in each carton. For information and samples, call 800-486-1832.

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Double-Stick Tape

Double-Stick Tape EternaBond DoubleStick tape assists fasteners by creating a watertight, non-temperature sensitive seal that will last for decades. EternaBond DoubleStick is a micro sealant, a unique family of sealants that fuse to all surfaces (except silicone), remain flexible and adhered to 70 degrees below zero yet have a sag rating in excess of 225 degrees. This fastener is used extensively by manufacturers and roofing professionals. For more information, call 888-336-2663 or