Fastening Systems GuidePFAF1

Triangle Fastener

Triangle Fastener has a complete line of fasteners for metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood, drywall and concrete anchoring available from each of the 24 locations. Triangle’s Need-It-Now! Program is designed to provide fastening solutions for difficult applications. For more information, call 800-486-1832 or visit



Insulation AdhesivePFAF2

The Garland Company

Garland’s new InsulLock® E HR roof insulation adhesive is a highly elastomeric, one-step, VOC-compliant, foamable adhesive that sets in minutes, and contains no solvents — making it the ideal adhesive solution for schools, hospitals, and other odor-sensitive environments. For more information, call 800-321-9336 or visit


Water Base Bonding AdhesivePFAF3

Mule-Hide Products Co.

Mule-Hide Water Base Bonding Adhesive lets you fully adhere EPDM fast and that translates into installed cost value. It has no solvents or VOCs, and installs with a single-side, wet application, allowing for easier sheet positioning, quick cleanup and virtually wrinkle-free membrane adhesion every time. For more information, call 800-786-1492 or visit



PFAF4Modified Bitumen Adhesive


For over 20 years Karnak 66 Modified Bitumen Adhesive has been the roofing contractors’ preferred choice for cold process SBS modified bitumen membrane installation. This multi-purpose, high strength adhesive is available in Brush and Trowel grades for adhering base and ply membranes. For more information, visit


SBS Modified Bitumen AdhesivePFAF5

R. M. Lucas Co.

Lucas #734 is a fast setting, low odor adhesive for SBS modified bitumen roofing and most types of insulation boards. It meets the CARB and OTC VOC limits with a VOC content of less than 250 grams per liter. Cold process adhesives eliminate the fire risk and odor associated with torch and hot asphalt applications. For more information, visit


PFAF6Asphalt Primer


Polyglass’ PG 100 is a general purpose penetrating asphalt primer used to promote adhesion prior to the application of hot-mopped, cold-applied, and self-adhesive membrane systems as well as roof cements, mastics, and asphalt-based adhesives. Available in 1 and 4.75 Gallon Pails and 14 ounce Spray Can. For more information, visit


Metal Building ProductsPFAF7

BlueLinx Corporation

BlueLinx Corp. is launching SteelLinx — its proprietary line of Quality Metal Building Products. The SteelLinx offering includes a comprehensive line of hand-driven and collated nails, screws and staples in all standard lengths, shanks, finishes and coatings. For more information call 888-502-BLUE or visit


PFAF8Single-Step Roof Sealant


H.E.R. is a versatile, moisture cure, high performance polyurethane sealant with permanent elasticity and is designed to seal fasteners and joints used in metal roofing. H.E.R. can be used additionally to seal gutters, spillways, around drains, scuppers, and metal flashings. It can also be used to repair all types of roofing substrates. For more information, visit


Multi-Surface CementPFAF9

Topps Products

Topps® Polyprene® is the High-Performance Leak Repair Cement that is new and improved with special wet surface adhesives for emergency all weather repair to metal. Use for general reinforcement and repairs to flashings around equipment, vent pipes, chimneys, sign holders, etc., as well as anywhere two dissimilar or similar materials meet. For more information, call 800-867-7177 or visit



Fasteners for Insulation and Membrane AttachmentPFAF10


TRUFAST® offers a wide selection of drill point fasteners specifically engineered for low slope commercial roofing applications. Featuring a double-flute, self-drilling point and an exclusive tapered entry thread design, TRUFAST Fasteners penetrate steel decks faster and provide superior back-out resistance. The fasteners and accessories are 100 percent American made. For more information, call 800-443-9602 or visit


PFAF11Cap Stapler


The CrossFire™ is a versatile tool that installs roof felt, foam insulation or house wrap 10 times faster than by hand with a tool that weighs just 5 pounds. Its ergonomic design and sealing power makes it ideal to use on sidewall and roof installation. For more information, call 800-873-2239 or visit



Insulation and Membrane Adhesive SystemsPFAF12

ADCO Products, Inc.

Millennium One StepTM and Hurricane Force® Adhesives from ADCO offer clean, odorless, VOC-free, application options that require no heat or open flames. The end results are lower insurance costs and fewer complaints from building occupants. For more information, call 800-248-4010 or visit



PFAF13Cap Nailer System


The Duo-Fast Cap Nailer System, Model DF175-CN, is designed to make installing synthetic roofing underlayment and organic roofing felt simpler and faster. The DF175-CN features a proprietary in-line design providing superior tool balance and a consistent drive of nails and caps with fewer jams. For information, call 1-888-631-2020 or visit



Capseal Flashing and Repair TapePFAF14

Davlin Coatings

Davlin Coatings introduces its new Capseal Flashing and Repair Tape. Designed to easily integrate into the company’s existing coatings line, Capseal Tape is the cornerstone of Davlin’s Roof-Aid repair kit. Coupled with a quart of Davlin’s popular Capseal formula, the Roof-Aid Kit provides superior elasticity and leak protection over most roofing surfaces. For more information, call 800-709-5919 or visit


PFAF15Polyurethane Insulation Adhesive

D7 Building Products

D7 Building Products’ deck-grip brand of high performance, solvent free, polyurethane foam adhesive gives exceptional uplift protection, quick installation and set time and generous application temperature range (0 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit). The All Temp formula is packaged in 1500 ml cartridges and the Pump Grade formula packaged in barrels or 5 gallon box kits. For more information, visit



SDWC Truss and Rafter ScrewPFAF16

Simpson Strong-Tie

The new Strong-Drive® SDWC by Simpson Strong-Tie is a single-screw solution for truss and rafter uplift and lateral loads. Offering a time-saving and reliable option to fastening trusses and rafters to wall top plates, the SDWC offers fully tested loads in accordance with ICC-ES AC233 (screw) and ICC-ES AC13 (roof-to-wall assembly). For more information, visit


PFAF17Metal Roof Sealant

Novagard Solutions

Novagard Solutions introduces Novaflex® Metal Roof Sealant for commercial and residential metal roofing applications. The specially engineered silicone metal roof sealant (100 percent solids) offers superior performance and adhesion and also easier use and cleanup than traditional solvent based or polyurethane sealants. For more information, call 800-380-0138 or visit



Anti-Clog Glue CapPFAF18

Gorilla Glue

The new 2-ounce anti-clog cap from Gorilla Glue boasts a twofold approach to sealing with advanced handling improvements, offering a stainless steel pin inserted in the tip of the cap to eliminate clogging at the tip of the nozzle. The pin acts as an air tight lock, allowing the glue to flow freely on the first squeeze. The new airtight precision seal keeps air and moisture out of the bottle, so that it lasts longer. An ergonomic wing nut grip allows for easy opening and closing of the product. For more information, call 800- 966-3458 or visit


PFAF19Cleanable Nutsetter


The new DEWALT Impact Ready® Cleanable Nutsetter allows users to remove unwanted build-up by pushing up the holder to expose and release the metal shavings in seconds. The fastener fully seats to secure material the first time, resulting in increased productivity on the jobsite. For more information, visit



Rust Resistant ScrewsPFAF20

Raytec Manufacturing

The new improved REZIST™ screws will protect against red rust up to 1,000 hours as tested in a salt spray test chamber. The testing is performed in accordance with ASTM-B117 SST (salt spray test) procedures. All screws have tall 1/4-inch hex heads, are magnetic and available in popular colors. For more information call 877-800-2500 or e-mail



OMG Roofing Products

OlyBond® Adhesives from OMG Roofing Products are easy to use, hassle-free and designed to get you off the roof and onto the next job fast. The adhesives are approved for use on most roof decks and with all common insulation types. Their odor- and noise-free installation will not disturb building occupants. For more information, visit





Flex Roofing Systems

Flex Roofing Systems has introduced its new Flex™ RhinoBond system that is used for mechanical attachment of Flex Elvaloy®, Flex PVC and Flex TPO thermoplastic single ply roofing membranes. The RhinoBond method welds the thermoplastic single ply roofing membrane directly to specialty coated high strength plates by electromagnetic induction without penetrating the material. For more information, visit




Solvent Free EPDM Adhesive

Chem Link

Chem Link’s Solvent-free Single Ply EPDM Adhesive provides superior performance, total safety and no pollution — with significant labor and cost savings. This single-side “wet-lay” adhesive cuts application time, needs no flash-off time, repositions easily, and bonds aggressively. For more information, call 800-826-1681 or visit




Pneumatic NailerPFAF24

National Nail

The STINGER CN100 is designed for securing synthetic underlayments, roofing felt and housewrap, and is the first STINGER pneumatic nailer from National Nail Corp. Key features include tool-free depth adjustment and an integrated switch for sequential/bumpfire capability. For more information, call 800-968-6245 or visit