CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Polyfoam Products Inc. announced that its Polyset Professional Tile Roofing System has been approved for use in California by the state’s Division of the State Architect (DSA). Effective immediately, the Polyset system may be used to adhere roofing tiles on all state-owned buildings, including all public schools and universities. The Polyset system utilizes Polyfoam’s Polypro AH-160 polyurethane adhesive, a two component free-rise foam adhesive that provides two to three times more holding power than traditional tile attachment methods. In addition to Polyset, Polyfoam offers Ecoset and Tite-Set. Ecoset is Polyfoam’s energy-efficient tile attachment system, offering a rooftop R-value nearly four times greater than standard tile roof systems. Tite-Set is the company’s commercial insulation board stock adhesive system. For more information,