LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Drexel Metals has received Florida Product Approval for its ES-1 Compliant Metal Edge Roof Systems.

“This is extremely exciting for out installers in the state of Florida, as they now can offer a complete engineered metal edge system,” says Jim Alex, Drexel Metals regional sales manager for the Southeast.

Drexel Metals Technical Director Jim Shumate said, “Our Certified Installers and Authorized Fabricators can manufacture and install both 24-gauge and 0.040-inch aluminum coping, drip edge, fascia covers and snap gravel stops. They can also off our Spring-Tite Coping HD, which includes our patent-pending V-Cleat system, a variable wall width front and rear cleat system designed with 12-inch segmented cleats spaced 60 inches on center.”

Drexel Metals contractors and fabricators have the option to purchase pre-fabricated engineered cleats direct from the company and then purchase flat sheets to fabricate the cap/cover system to keep costs down without sacrificing quality of performance. Depending on the system, it will come with a 110 mph or 210 mph wind performance warranty.

 For more information, visit www.commercialroofedges.com.