National Coatings Corp., Camarillo, Calif., announces the release of two products for the sprayed polyurethane foam roofing market: AcryLock™ Base Coat A140 for recoating SPF roofs that have previously been coated with silicone coatings, and AcryShield® Vapor Barrier A410 for use on the exterior of buildings where there is reverse vapor drive. With AcryLock Base Coat A140, SPF contractors now have the option of using a less-expensive, water-based acrylic coating. AcryShield Vapor Barrier A410 is a water-borne 100 percent acrylic elastomeric coating with low permeance properties similar to solvent-borne butyl coatings, but without the high VOC. AcryShield Vapor Barrier A410 is specifically designed for coating the exterior of buildings and rooms where there is reverse vapor drive such as refrigerator rooms, cold storage facilities and food packing plants.