Freedom self-adhering TPO from GAF Materials Corp., Wayne, N.J., is now available in 10-foot widths for use on larger commercial properties or on roof areas with multiple penetrations. In addition, GAF has developed patent-pending RapidSeam™ technology, which saves labor by eliminating over 95 percent of field seam preparation. This patent-pending technology is over 50 times faster than traditional 3-inch taped seams and over four times faster than heat-welded seams. Installation is as simple as aligning the membrane, removing the release liner, and rolling in; there is no field seam preparation to slow down production. This technology comes standard on 10-foot-wide Freedom TPO, and will be available on the 5-foot-wide product later in 2005. Freedom TPO with RapidSeam is FM and UL Class A approved, offers peace of mind with a limited warranty for 10 years, and is available in a choice of white or tan