GAF announces the availability of a complete line durable, self-adhering commercial grade low-slope roofing systems based on its field-proven self-adhering technology. GAF’s line of self-adhering roofing systems includes both asphaltic (Liberty Systems and Liberty Composite Systems) and single ply (Freedom TPO systems with Heat-Weld seams or patent-pending Rapid Seam Technology) offerings. These systems eliminate the hassles associated with the mess and safety concerns when using hot asphalt, cold adhesives, or torch applied applications. They install faster, need smaller crews, can be applied over insulation, direct to the deck, or over a base or anchor sheet, and are low maintenance and easily repaired after installation. The Liberty asphaltic systems utilize a multiple-layer design for redundancy protection and are especially good for small projects. The Liberty composite asphaltic systems also provide redundancy protection, but are perfect for larger projects that require staging (with up to 30 days exposure of Liberty SA Base/Ply Sheet), and may also be installed with options to meet Title 24, LEED, and Energy Star requirements. The Freedom single ply TPO systems also meet Title 24, LEED, and Energy Star requirements. For more information,