By Tyler Leach

Insurance can be a difficult field for anyone to navigate. To start, there’s so many different types for a roofing contractor to worry about:

  • Life Insurance or Personal Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Guarantee Insurance
  • Social Insurance

Trust us when we say that the list can go on. In fact, strange ones exist like wedding insurance, kidnapping insurance, and even body part Insurance. With all these types of insurance two really stand out for roofers: homeowner’s insurance and commercial property insurance. Though some roofing companies focus just residential or commercial, most will have to deal with both types.

Why Claims Mean Money for Your Roofing Company

With insurance comes claims. A savvy homeowner or commercial property owner will know to file a claim for water damage, ice damage, lightning strikes, power surges, wind, hail, and fallen trees. However, many homeowners won’t know what to damage to look for, especially on a roof. Even worse, many roofers won’t know what to look for either. Unfortunately, roofs aren’t inexpensive and a roof repair or roof replacement can be hard to pay completely out of pocket. If the roofing contractor doesn’t know what to look for, a potential storm damage claim could be missed along with the ability to pay for a reroof.

Claim Experts are a Must for Any Roofing Contractor

With all of this potential money lying around every roofer needs an expert. Many times, adjusters will deny claims. However, having a roofing technician that is well versed in insurance claims can make the difference between the adjuster denying or accepting the claim. This is not just for the gain of the roofing company. The home or building owner is provided a low deductible and now will be able to fix a roof they may not have had money for.

Credibility as a Roofer

Having experts in storm damage and insurance claims not only helps with a current project but also with projects down the road. In fact, that homeowner will be more likely to refer your business to friends and family. Also, if the commercial property owner has more than one property, you may be given more work for your efforts. All in all, it makes sense to have someone on your team who can navigate the insurance jungle.

Tyler Leach is the Marketing Director of IES Roofing Services. Reach him at