I recently posted about this on social media so figured it might be a good idea to toss something on the blog tree. Calling it that in the spirit of the Season.

Last year I took a couple of days in January to attend a drone rodeo that was being held in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I secured media credentials, a cheap flight to Las Vegas, and probably one of the last hotel rooms in the city. Definitely off the Strip.

The drone rodeo was interesting, but the very small amount of time I had left myself to see any of the rest of the CES was amazing. I was able to see one of the many keynotes. The experience also prompted me to learn more about the event and a promise to myself to get out and see more of it next year.

The CES boasts keynotes delivered by key leaders in many fields of technology as well as leaders in the government that are key to the adoption and implementation of technologies such as the emerging 5G networks.

\With over 1,100 different presenters over four days and a trade show with over two million square feet of space in numerous venues, you must seriously budget your time. And I will only be there for two and a half days of the 2019 CES.

So do me a favor and reply here or email or call me with your thoughts. If you were going to the 2019 CES for two and a half days; what would you want to see? My focus will be anything to do with geo-location, drones, and exoskeletal solutions. I believe these technologies as well as 5G will have and are having a direct impact on the work of roofing contractors.

But that’s just what I think; I would really like to hear from you on this. I look forward to bringing you some news that will advance your roofing business and help you jump the competition in 2019!

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