I recently picked up a copy of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery,” written by business consultant and frequent Roofing Contractor contributor Ricardo González.

I must begin this book review by acknowledging that I‘ve been associated with Ricardo for years as a Roofing Contractor guest columnist and as a presenter at our annual Best of Success conference on several occasions. 

I must also acknowledge my surprise to learn that “The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery” takes the reader beyond the bounds of the message he’s been delivering to the roofing industry for years. González, through the various components of his Bilingual America enterprise, has been training roofing-industry leaders on ways to engage with and grow with their workers from the Spanish-speaking world.

“6 Stages” goes beyond all borders straight to the heart of one of the most vexing problems facing American business today: recruiting, training, managing, and maintaining an increasingly diverse workforce.

It takes the complex topic of the relationship between business leaders and the members of their teams and brings it into focus through six actionable steps. I found the action points to be clear and the anecdotes of his experiences engaging.

According to González, “You cannot lead people to the highest levels until you know them at the deepest levels.” This message is crucial for leaders of today’s workforce that includes a wider array of age, gender, ethnic, racial, and other groups than I have encountered in nearly fifty years in business.

The book is an enjoyable read, and the leaders who have the good sense to follow its precepts will gain an ROI from building a more successful team, and a more rewarding work experience for themselves.

I do not think “6 Stages” will change the world, because the world is not ready for it … yet. However, I do believe the world will be a better place when our leaders, be they business or religious or community or government, take this good advice to heart.

Reading “Six Stages of Cultural Mastery” gave my heart a lift. I believe the message it delivers will benefit you in ways far beyond those you would receive from reading an ordinary business book.