Roofers are arguably working harder than ever regarding the challenges their companies face — internally and externally. Acknowledging those difficulties, tracking them, and working toward a solution is how roofing contractors — and the industry as a whole — continue to improve.

To that end, Roofing Contractor again surveyed roofers and industry stakeholders for insights into the issues, products and innovations driving the marketplace over the fall. While consistent with past years in some areas, the results provided some notable highlights that the roofing industry is changing.

In short, the North American roofing industry continues thriving amid challenging economic conditions and a shortage of skilled workers. The annual survey and its resulting data are the basis for Roofing Contractor's comprehensive 2024 State of the Industry report, which takes the pulse of industry professionals while providing a glimpse into roofing’s future.

Its design seeks to capture the perspectives of roofers on the successes and challenges they faced in 2023 while keeping an eye on the years ahead. Through the data, roofers will gain perspectives on sales trends, product development, workforce issues, innovations and other elements, helping contractors succeed today while planning for tomorrow.

IRE 2024 Seminar Session

Title: Deep Dive: State of the Industry 2024
Speakers: RC Group Publisher Jill Bloom; RC Editor-in-Chief Art Aisner; Mitch Henderson, Co-CEO, BNP Media, Clear Seas Research; Trent Cotney, Partner Adams and Reese
Date: 7:45-9:15 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 6
Room: N245

The full report will be analyzed during a data-driven State of the Industry webinar hosted by RC, its research partner Clear Seas Research, sponsored by the law firm Adams and Reese at 2 p.m. (EST) on Feb. 15. Register here.

Roofing professionals from all industry segments can get a preview of the webinar on the opening day of the International Roofing Expo.

Trent Cotney, partner with Adams and Reese, will join RC Publisher Jill Bloom, Editor-in-Chief Art Aisner and Clear Seas Research Co-CEO Mitch Henderson to help break down the meaningful data from this year’s survey.

The panel will also synthesize what the data means, what contractors are worried about moving forward, and what they should incorporate into their business to drive future success.

“I look forward to seeing this data every year because it can help us start to develop solutions for some of the industry’s biggest issues,” Cotney said.

For the first time, the study also explored homeowner thoughts and expectations surrounding the roofing consumer journey. Those findings will be part of a future RC report, but attendees will get a glimpse into what homeowners had to say in the findings and their experience working with roofing contractors.

Comparing the data sets from those survey respondents with contractors led to some interesting findings, Henderson said.

“There are some areas where the homeowners and contractors are aligned, but others where there are some disconnects, and I think that will create some meaningful conversations,” Henderson said.

Join Roofing Contractor staff, their research partners from Clear Seas Research and Adams and Reese for a deep dive into the data points that offer an empirical analysis of the expectations residential and commercial roofing can expect in 2024 and beyond.

In addition to an interactive presentation of the survey results, attendees will also get first-hand insight from industry experts on market performance, emerging trends, and much more.


  • A better understanding of industry expectations for residential and commercial sales in 2024 and beyond
  • Market insight related to current and future installation trends
  • A feel for new technologies that work and how to incorporate them into operations
  • How contractors can successfully overcome current and future industry challenges
  • Ideas to improve productivity and operational efficiency to grow profits