Solar power is continuing to grow in popularity thanks to a combination of rising energy costs, new incentives, and an increased desire to generate energy from renewable sources. This surge in solar is ripe for opportunity – if roofing contractors are properly prepared.

In RC’s 2023 State of the Industry report, 56% of residential contractors expect their solar sales to increase this year, while 51% of commercial contractors expect the same. It’s not limited to sunny states like California, either – reports that the South is expected to experience triple-digit growth through 2025 and will surpass the Northeast as the second leading regional market for solar roofing.

The global solar sector is predicted to generate nearly $241 billion by 2031, far higher than the $59 billion recorded globally in 2021. Contractors looking for a slice of that pie can turn to Roofing Contractor’s 2023 Solar Special Section, where industry experts and roofing professionals alike provide insights into the state of the solar industry.

Whether it’s state and federal tax credits, the latest in solar power technology, or products that help you become more efficient in solar installation, you’ll find it in our solar section.

“Our responsibility as field experts is to remain informed on new technologies and trends to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind for our customers,” writes Judd Haag, director at Bone Dry Solar, part of Bone Dry Roofing in Indiana. “Solar will remain a dominant force as we look ahead in the roofing industry and will continue to develop and change over time as efficiencies are improved.”

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