In the July issue of Roofing Contractor, Editor-in-Chief Art Aisner conducts a round-robin-type Q&A with four of the roofing industry’s leading “techies,” discussing myriad software applications available to make the business of roofing more efficient and personalized. 

And, given that technology knows no boundaries, innovation has also permeated the consumer arena of roofing. Modernize Home Services — an service matching homeowners with contractors — has launched its newest free online resource: the Roof Shingle Selection Tool. 

According to a company news release, the new tool is positioned as a way for homeowners to choose roof shingles by “…offering ideal options given homeowner preferences for appearance, energy efficiency, severe weather protection, and lifespan.” The resource also considers climate factors. 

The company says it makes 18 different roof shingles available — factoring in unique benefits, costs, materials, and styles— and material types, including asphalt, aluminum, metal, clay, steel, wood, slate, etc. 

"Our Roof Shingle tool provides personalized shingle recommendations in response to homeowners' design and functionality preferences," Cassie Morien, Modernize's director of strategy, said in the statement. "In a few clicks, homeowners can conveniently identify the optimal shingle solutions for their home. Like our other tools, it is ungated, and there is no cost to use the tool." 

The new Roof Shingle Selection Tool features include: 

  • Comprehensive Shingle Database: Discover diverse styles, colors, materials, and designs. 
  • Shingle Visualization: Preview shingles effortlessly through augmented reality technology. 
  • Personalized Recommendations: Intuitive filters offer budget-friendly, durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing options. 
  • Modernize's network. also offers a Roof Replacement Cost Calculator and a home roof installation guide at no charge.  

Pricing transparency has become a cornerstone expectation for prospective customers, which seems to tie into an increased emphasis on customer service and convenience options for many roofing concerns. 

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