RST Roofing and Renovations, an Atlanta-based roofing contractor founded in 2019, announced on June 7 it had become Georgia’s first and only certified installer of Tesla Solar Roofing in the state, according to a company news release. 

The company says its expertise has principally focused on ensuring homeowners across the state have weatherproof roofing systems and has now added a solar energy option among its offerings.

RST Roofing_Logo.png“Being recognized as the first and only roofing company in Georgia to be a certified installer of Tesla Solar Roofing fills us with tremendous pride,” Jeffrey Teitelbaum, owner of RST Roofing and Renovations, said in the statement. “By offering the Tesla Solar Roof, we can bring the future of roofing directly to our customers’ homes and [positively] impact sustainable energy consumption.” 

Tesla Solar Roofing combines traditional roofing materials with the energy production capabilities of the company’s solar panels by integrating solar cells into the roofing design.

“The inclusion of a 25-year [warranty] speaks volumes about the quality and resilience of this system,” Teitelbaum added. “It’s built to withstand anything, ensuring long-lasting performance for our customers.”

Tesla Solar Certified_Logo.pngThe company noted that homeowners could pair their Tesla Solar Roof with a Tesla Powerwall, increasing energy independence and reducing dependency on utility-provided power. Equipped with rechargeable battery cells, the RST says the Tesla Powerwall offers continuous power protection during nighttime or power outages.

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