JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Reliant Roofing announced its certification as one of America’s authorized installers of Tesla Solar Roof. Working closely with Tesla, Reliant now offers their clients throughout Northeast Florida a roof that also provides efficient, independent and clean energy solar power.

"Reliant Roofing is excited to be part of Tesla’s mission to 'Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,'" the Reliant website states. "Florida is the Sunshine State, so the amount of solar power available to be used is so abundant. In our state alone, we could potentially provide clean energy to the entire world if solar power was arranged and distributed properly."

Residents across Northeast Florida can now have clean energy and a beautiful roof with Tesla Solar Roof installed by Reliant Roofing’s expert technicians. Tesla Solar Roof is three times stronger than traditional tile and is protected by a 25-year warranty.

Reliant can survey a client’s house, create a custom-designed Tesla Solar Roof system, offer numerous options via the Tesla Decider, at reliantroofing.com/Solar-Decider, and then install their brand new Tesla Solar Roof. The Tesla Decider tool helps customers select components, acquire a cost estimate and schedule a customized consultation.

The Tesla Powerwall adds to the value and saving power of Tesla Solar Roof. Powerwall is a home backup battery that stores converted energy from the Tesla Solar Roof. Living in Florida comes with risks of heavy storms. If a power outage occurs due to a hurricane or severe storm or it’s night time, the Tesla Solar Roof power is stored in the Tesla Powerwall. According to Reliant, the majority of backup generators take up to 10 minutes to produce electricity, but the Tesla Powerwall begins almost instantly.

"This exciting partnership between Tesla and Reliant Roofing now allows residents in Northeast Florida to benefit from this innovative and efficient technology," the Reliant website says.