Oklahoma-based Elliott Roofing has become the first roofing contractor in the Oklahoma City area to offer Tesla Solar Roofs.

Elliott Roofing has been serving the Oklahoma City metro since 1981. In a statement, the company says it has always prided itself on looking to the future of its industry. While that typically means more efficient methods to make roofs watertight or better materials to protect homes from hail and high winds, it also means harnessing the sun to generate environmentally-friendly energy. In that regard, Elliott Roofing has become certified in Tesla's Solar roof system.

Elliott Roofing has already been the first to install a Solar Roof in Tulsa and Oklahoma County.Elliott-Roofing-Logo.jpg

“We’re so proud to be the first and only roofing contractor certified to install Tesla Solar Roofs,” said Matt Case, who, along with his wife Holly, co-owns and manages Elliott Roofing. “We believe strongly in the technology, and it is the main reason we consider Elliott the past, present, and future of roofing.”

Harnessing solar energy may conjure images of solar panels bolted on top of your existing roof, but, as Elliott Roofing points out, the Tesla Solar Roof innovates from there. The Solar Roof integrates into the roofing materials, which means an end to bulky solar panels tacked onto roofs.

The Solar Roof tiles are touted as sleek, aesthetically impressive, and incredibly tough. The solar-producing glass tiles can withstand a 1 ¾-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet and have a Class A fire-resistance rating.

“There’s a reason the Tesla Solar Roof comes with a 25-year guarantee,” Case said. “It’s built for anything, even most of Oklahoma’s extreme weather.” 

Customers can pair their Solar Roof with the Tesla Powerwall. Powerwall is a home energy storage system that replaces traditional gas generators with rechargeable battery cells, providing round-the-clock backup protection during nighttime or an outage. The Powerwall system comes with its own 10-year warranty.