JobNimbus, a leading customizable CRM and project management solution for roofers, has launched JobNimbus Insights, a new reporting dashboard designed to bring roofers visibility into their key metrics and drive accountability in their business.

“JobNimbus Insights takes our reporting capabilities to the next level,” said Ben Hodson, CEO and co-founder of JobNimbus. “No matter the industry, you can’t manage a business effectively without having access to data. Insights gives our roofers the numbers they need to really understand the health of their business, and have the right information to make data-driven decisions.”

With this initial launch, JobNimbus Insights focuses on the sales side of a roofing business. Customers can get fast, accurate reports on metrics like:

  • Lead flow: See how many leads are entering your system
  • Lead mix: Find out where your leads are coming from
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by sales rep): Get a 360-degree view of how each sales rep is performing
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by lead source): Discover which of your lead sources yields the best results
  • Lead, close rate, sales volume (by job type): Learn which type of job contributes the most to your success

With quick access to the most important numbers in their business, roofers can more easily spot bottlenecks, increase their throughput, optimize their ROI, and effectively manage their team. For more information about JobNimbus and included features, please visit