LEHI, Utah — JobNimbus has announced the release of a new video series, titled "What Makes a CEO." The mini-series dives into the makings of JobNimbus CEO Ben Hodson. Hodson has used his disciplines from writing, artistry and music to create 10 different companies. He is on a mission to reveal the many factors that lead to an effective CEO.

"What Makes a CEO" will begin release on YouTube starting Monday, Oct. 11.

"Honestly, I never thought about being a CEO, it wasn't a thing for me," Hodson said. "I thought I was going to be a musician or a computer programmer, and I'm both of those things. But I have a lot of interests and they've helped me so much to be a better CEO."

Hodson has intertwined entrepreneurship with his creative ventures of producing two award-winning short films, authoring a novel and four comic books series, and recording two music albums. The series features his life and various business lessons he has learned, including:

  • The key to continued success is having a shared vision amongst your team
  • When your team is in perfect harmony, you experience the magic of the "zen moment"
  • A system of success comes from creating a process and having the right team
  • Sticking to your "why" gives your ideas the power to become something out of nothing.

Hodson's first business venture, Venafi, was recently sold for over $1 billion, and JobNimbus, his latest company, received $53 million in growth capital from Mainsail Partners in January 2021. JobNimbus has seen massive year-over-year growth recently, more than tripling both revenue and workforce since 2019.

"A lot of entrepreneurs start off just thinking about making money, but that's not enough when times get tough," said Hodson, who treats company culture as an essential pillar of the company. "You have to have something more you're working towards. At JobNimbus, that's making contractors heroes. It's a mission that drives everything we do, and that keeps people motivated even if their job is tough."

To view episodes of "What Makes a CEO," visit JobNimbus' YouTube channel.