By now you’ve likely heard about Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence program capable of generating content. Intuitive and efficient, users ask it to do anything from write essays and materials to coding. But what does this mean for roofing contractors?

In this brief video chat, RC Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Trent Cotney of Adams and Reese LLC about Chat GPT. The legal expert discusses the AI’s capabilities, what it can do, and whether companies should consider policies on how to implement the program.

It’s certainly a technology worth investigating. Cotney notes how “human-like” Chat GPT is in its responses and how it can churn out results in seconds. These all sound great, but where the controversy lies is whether plagiarism, data protection, bias, infringement and other issues could muddy the waters of using it for business purposes.

“The question is not if your employees are using Chat GPT — even if they are, you should probably consider having a policy about it — but it can auto-generate text message responses that sound human-like,” he said.

To that end, Cotney discusses what a policy could like that addresses Chat GPT and its use in your roofing business.

“We’ve already had situations where customer service people or sales people are using it, sometimes very effectively, but again, the concerns I would want to reflect in any policy is how is data protected?” said Cotney.

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