DuPont Tedlar, a leader in technology-based materials and solutions, recently signed with SPE Foundation to sponsor various events and support the foundation’s three-pronged approach to enrich and develop the future workforce for the plastics industry, according to a company release.

“The partnership with DuPont Tedlar supports our work in many ways,” said Eve Vitale, SPE Foundation’s chief executive. “A scholarship for a student who will be joining us in a few short years; helping young women see the numerous STEM opportunities in plastics and polymer science through our Girl Scout patch program; and bringing the PlastiVan to its local community, with whom DuPont team members can engage and inspire students through our hands-on K-12 plastics education programming.”

DuPont logo.pngAccording to the news release, the collaboration will include:

  • A DuPont Tedlar Scholarship for a STEM student
  • PlastiVan Tedlar education at the Girl Scouts of America Phenom in Orlando, Fla., in July 2023
  • PlastiVan school visits in Buffalo, N.Y., with opportunities for DuPont employees to engage with the community

The release went on to state that DuPont will develop simple chemistry descriptions and explanations of its products that can be used in chemistry classrooms and provide other materials for classrooms and STEM fair events. DuPont added that provided materials would include wallcoverings for students to write on. 

The company also plans to include literature educating students about the uses of Tedlar products and how they are related to sustainability in industries like aerospace, building and construction, transportation, etc. 

“We are very proud to be working with SPE Foundation to help educate and support the next generation of plastics engineers,” Matt Urfali, vice president, Sales & Marketing, DuPont Tedlar, said. “We especially look forward to collaborating with our New York manufacturing facility to help SPE bring in-person learning to local students.”

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