National manufacturer Tropical Roofing Products, a producer of liquid roofing materials used to repair, maintain, and restore roofing systems, recently announced it has rebranded itself as TRP Roofing Products. The company has been in business for more than 60 years. 

The U.S.-based company got its start in the asphaltic business and, in recent years, expanded its offerings to include elastomeric coatings and allied repair products. In a statement, the company said the branding change “feels natural,” as many customers had often referred to Tropical Roofing as TRP. 

In 2022, SOPREMA acquired TRP to better provide for its customers’ maintenance, restoration, and operations needs within the roofing and waterproofing solutions space. TRP went on to state that its offerings, including professional-grade asphalt, acrylic, and silicone roofing products, including roof cements, primers, adhesives, and coatings, remain unchanged.

While maintaining the legacy of the former name and logo, the company said its rebranding will include a change of primary colors “to reflect the values and strengths that come with being a part of the SOPREMA group of companies.”

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