Season after season, homes’ roofs are subject to unpredictable weather conditions, including high winds, storm debris, winter cold, and summer heat. With these challenges in mind, Owens Corning offers TruDefinition® Duration FLEX®, a shingle designed to help withstand nature’s elements and protect homes in every season.

Equipping the Roof to Perform in All Seasons

Gradual weather transitions from season to season are remarkably rare and many regions are subject to temperature swings, unpredictable winds, and abrupt changes in weather conditions. Unpredictable weather means a home’s roof must be equipped to perform in each season and protect against various elements.

Spring: According to the CDC, U.S. spring weather can change quickly and vary from snowstorms to early season heat waves. Thunderstorms cause most severe spring weather and are often accompanied by extreme rains, hail and wind that can threaten the roof. To help a home’s roof weather storms and wind-driven debris, Duration FLEX features the highest impact rating possible, UL 2218 Class 4.

Summer: The National Weather Service website includes excessive heat and thunderstorms in its list of summer weather hazards. Temperature swings can lead to expansion and contraction. The rubber-like flexibility of Duration FLEX helps the shingle withstand temperature changes, while supporting granule adhesion to protect shingles against ultraviolet light.

Fall: Wind is among the fall weather hazards on the NWS website that can threaten a home’s roof. Duration FLEX has SureNail® Technology, that in testing, showcased its grip with 42% stronger nail-pull resistance than standard shingles*, supporting confidence in intense storms and windy conditions. Designed to deliver up to 130-mph wind resistance, Duration FLEX is the only SBS shingle that features the outstanding hold of SureNail Technology, which offers a reinforced nailing zone on the face of the shingle. The SureNail triple-layer of reinforcement provides increased protection against “nail pull” from wind and features an up to 200% wider bond between the shingle layers in the nailing zone over standard shingles.

Winter: Bitter cold, freezing rain, and heavy snow can also threaten a home’s roof. Cold temperatures also challenge installation procedures and can allow shingles to become brittle and break more easily. Duration FLEX shingles are 10% stronger than traditional shingles in tear tests. A flexible design makes them less stiff and helps avoid cracking in cold weather, supporting the installation process.

Beyond Performance – Curb Appeal  

Representing nearly 40% of a home’s exterior, the roof provides an opportunity in all seasons to boost curb appeal. TruDefinition Duration FLEX shingles are available in five classic colors and four vibrant dimensional hues. A range of vivid shingle colors allow homeowners to boost their home’s curb appeal and express their personal style while defending against nature’s elements season after season.

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*See actual warranty for details, restrictions, and limitations.