Whether you are a one-person start-up or a multi-million-dollar company, Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) might be the solution to experiencing growth and meaningful development. 

EOS originated with “Traction: Get A Grip on Your Business” by Gino Wickman, with more than 80,000 North American companies adopting at least some the EOS philosophy and tools, including hundreds in the roofing contractor business.

RC Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with, Dave Harrison, a board member of National Roofing Partners and consultant with Harrison Management Consultants, about EOS and how the philosophy can help roofing contractors grow their business and strengthen their leadership teams.

“It’s really a group of philosophies that are from proven concepts over the last 50 years,” said Harrison. “You’ve got to constantly focus on getting better, because if you don’t you’re going to get run over.”

Harrison breaks down the different core foundations of EOS and how roofing contractors can determine if it is a good fit for them. He warns it isn’t a magic pill that will instantly elevate your business and guarantees success, but those that put the effort in can reap benefits like improved company culture, leadership and focus.

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