Best of Success Conference Featured Speaker Charles Antis
CEO/Founder Antis Roofing, Irvine, Calif.

RC: Catch us up on what’s happening at Antis Roofing?

CA: Internally, our focus has been on honing our systems and processes; adapting to leading and managing in a hybrid environment; selling in a tough market – drought; and investing in the development of our employees in both technical training and EQ training programs. We brought in a trainer for about 25 leaders in the field that taught the entire leadership training program – roughly 18 weeks – in Spanish. Learning in your native language produces amazing results. We launched English lessons for several of our rising leaders in the field – necessary to advance in their roles; and in November, Spanish lessons for several key leaders in the company, including me!

RC: What have you been working on or proudest accomplishing in recently?

CA: Well, it is always the give back. We’ve done over 75 blood drives with the American Red Cross at a time when most organizations closed their doors. We will do five reroofs at nonprofit organizations (all shelters in some form – for young mothers, families, single adults, and minors that have been victims of human trafficking). That’s this year alone, thanks to partners like GAF, Eagle Tile, Beacon, Shell Roofing, Best Contracting and CI Services. We did our second Camp Ronald McDonald maintenance with these same partners and more. The CA Love Drop took off with Wahoos, Yogurtland and other key vendors with over 100 “love drops” to organizations at the front lines. Still, what I like the very most in the last 18 months is bridging the culture gap all the way to the field with our first generation immigrant labor.   

RC: What do you recall about presenting at BOS Miami?

CA: Being nervous – really nervous – about a keynote. I am much more comfortable on a panel. It takes a lot to give a keynote and I am always humbled when it goes well, and learn something from the mishaps.


CHARLES ANTIS, Founder and CEO, Antis Roofing & Waterproofing
What: Presenting at the 18th Annual Best of Success Conference
When: 8:15 a.m. Monday, Dec. 5, 2022
Where: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Topic: The Best Marketing Money Can’t Buy – The Real Story

RC: Any takeaways from the experience, or the conference that you still use?

CA: This was a big moment for me – there was a sales expert who made a point about the power of the video demonstration. If you can capture an authentic video right after the sales opportunity while you are still on the property and send it right in the moment it is going to increase your sales close rate by 20%…and by doing that…and never do the second take…it isn’t real and your animal brain needs to hear real. That guy gave me a gift that I’ve passed on to many people. There are so many examples. I thrive being next to people that have higher ideals than I do that I am able to adopt and share.

RC: What are you looking forward to at BOS 2022?

CA: It feels like business is starting to normalize post pandemic. There are still issues – and learning from each other, best practices, to stay out in front is the value at BOS.  And…can’t wait to share a toast with Greg and Jill (Bloom) too!

RC: What do you want contractors to take away from your presentation this year?

CA: We’re going to talk about how to tell your story – why that is essential in selling your business – to your employees, your customers, your external stakeholders. This is not about talking about your resume or awards or other BS. It’s not easy for contractors share or open up to tell their story or they don’t understand how powerful their own stories can be. I’m going to focus on what you can do today and what wished I had known … and how that has changed my business and can improve your impact.