The past few years have seen unprecedented shortages in sourcing paints and coatings, this has made it difficult to find what you need to complete projects no matter where you are located. If you are lucky enough to find what you need for the job, a lot of times there is sticker shock for both contractors and homeowners. This has made jobs once thought of as affordable and “must do now” have turned into "I can wait" or "I want to think about it." If this sounds like a conversation you have had recently regarding a silicone roof coating system for your property, Nationwide Protective Coatings may be able to help.

Do you need an alternative to 100% silicone roof coatings due to the large increase in price and lack of availability this year? If so, Nationwide Protective Coatings has you covered to provide property owners with cost effective solutions for most flat roof projects around the globe. PERMASIL PLUS™ Elastomeric Silicone Acrylic Hybrid Roof Coating is a product designed for these types of roofs and has been reformulated this year to provide the best acrylic silicone hybrid roof coating on the market. It’s high build formula possesses silicone technology for exceptional water resistance. Using silicone resin along with acrylic resin in a proprietary blend adds extra waterproofing protection to the already impressive performance of our acrylic coatings.

Nationwide Protective Coatings has heard the calls for an alternative in these tough times and can provide this solution with a seven-year warranty. It is available in most fan deck colors as well as a bright white reflective coating. One of the great things about these acrylic coatings is they’re able to be top coated in the future with a full recoat.

This flexibility and immediate availability of PERMASIL PLUS allows contractors and building owners alike to get a roof coating system right away to address any issues that may be present and provide the property owners some options for addressing their roofs. 

PERMASIL PLUS is an inexpensive, alternative solution to roofing and re-roofing. Check out the latest product reformulation, PERMASIL PLUS, for your next roof coating application at