Roughly a year ago, GAF announced a major breakthrough in developing new shingles composed of recycled asphalt content. Company leaders also made a major $100 million commitment to scale the recycling process across every shingle category. 

Last month, some of those shingles were installed on their first roofs. Despite the rapid pace, company officials say they have no intention of slowing down. Rather, they’ve doubled down by recently announcing new, company-wide “planet” goals to be in place by 2030. To help understand the initiative better, RC Editor Art Aisner and Publisher Jill Bloom caught up with GAF CEO Jim Schnepper and Chief Communications Officer Andy Hilton to get the latest details. 

“This is something that will put the industry on the path to save asphalt shingles as really the premier shingle preference of products manufactured for keeping water out of houses,” Schnepper said. “So, for that reason, I think that this is a really big deal.”

RC also gets an update on the latest innovations in the recycled shingle process, and Hilton highlighted several aspects of GAF’s recently-released annual sustainability report. 

During the conversation they also explore how this initiative can help the process of reducing the roofing industry’s environmental footprint, and how roofing contractors can get involved. 

Check out the entire conversation here.