The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) kicks off National Roofing Week 2022 with a new CEO at the helm for first time in five years.

McKay Daniels, the organization’s COO and chief driver of initiatives laid out by outgoing CEO Reid Ribble for the past few years, takes over officially this month – following Ribble’s retirement.

In this brief video chat with RC, Daniels talks candidly about the roofing industry landscape, his new role in it, and the expectations of following dynamic leaders at a critical time for the industry, when quality leadership is essential.

“He (Ribble) wanted the transition to be so seamless that no one would notice, which is laughable,” Daniels explained. “But the goal was to make this as seamless for our members, the industry and try to maintain the continuity as best we can because there are a lot of important issues the industry is facing head wind on. Going through rookie growing pains, we don’t have much time for that.”

Thus far, Daniels said the transition has been smooth, due largely to the organization’s deliberate pre-planning. But during the conversation he also lays out some of the big challenges facing roofers, and explains some of his key priorities for the NRCA to help roofing contractors ensure both short- and long-term success.

View the video here or visit our podcast page to download the audio version.