KENT, Ohio — SprayWorks Equipment is announcing the launch of a new website, Spraybot.Global, in order to promote its leading products; the Spraybot and Barrel Blazer.

The new website caters to international customers and features specifications, photos and videos of the Spraybot and Barrel Blazer. SprayWorks Equipment worked with one of the top translating servicers in the world to create the website in eight languages; English, Arabic, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The new website features include:

  • A simple clean design
  • Detailed specifications, videos, and photos
  • Educational articles on automation and material yield

“Our international customers have showed continued interest in the Spraybot and Barrel Blazer products over the years,” said Jennifer Hristovski, CMO, SprayWorks Equipment Group. “Spraybot.Global gives our global audience a place to learn about products in their native language without miscommunications in auto-translate.”