BELOIT, Wis. — Rooftop billboard installations from beer brand Coors Light used reflective white roof coating from Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. to inspire people to make energy-efficient choices.

The “Chillboards” were painted atop 12 apartment buildings in Miami using A-300 Finish, part of Mule-Hide Products’ acrylic roof coating system. Described by Coors Light as “Ads Nobody Can See, But Everyone Can Feel,” they highlighted the benefits of reflective roof coatings in keeping buildings cooler and reducing air conditioning-related energy use and costs. 

More than 36,000 square feet of black roof surface – the equivalent of 90 average-size billboards – was coated, with each rooftop featuring a phrase such as “Made to Chill,” “Ads Keep Temps Down,” “Chillboards Help Cut AC Costs,” “Chilling the Roof Up to 50 Degrees,” and “It’s Like a Coors Light for Your Roof.” The billboards used a new typeface called “coolest” that was designed to cover more than 95% of each roof’s surface.

The billboards were meant for short-term display. They have been recovered in full with A-300 Finish.

“It was fun to have been part of this creative campaign to educate people about the benefits of cool roofs,” said Mule-Hide Products Marketing Manager Jenny Emann. “Particularly in warm climates, like Miami, covering dark roofs with reflective roof coatings can produce big returns in keeping building interiors cooler and building occupants more comfortable, reducing the need for air conditioning and helping mitigate the urban heat island effect.”

A-300 Finish has an initial solar reflectance of .85, meaning that a newly coated roof reflects 85% of solar radiation. In a test conducted on one of the “Chillboards,” the coating lowered the surface temperature of the roof by as much as 50 degrees.

Coors Light worked with creative director Set Free Richardson and street artist Andaluz The Artist to produce the Chillboards.

A-300 Finish

A-300 Finish is used as the top coat when applying the Mule-Hide Products acrylic roof coating system. It delivers exceptional durability, high resistance to the effects of ultraviolet light, and superior flexibility in low-temperature environments. 

A-300 Finish is Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC®)-rated and ENERGY STAR®-listed. By reflecting solar energy back into the atmosphere (a property known as reflectivity) and releasing much of the heat that is absorbed back into the atmosphere (a property known as emissivity), it helps building owners reduce energy consumption and costs by keeping temperatures inside buildings lower and improving the efficiency of rooftop air-conditioning units.