With new 16-foot-wide TPO rolls from Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc., crews are more efficient and jobs get done faster.

Ideally suited to larger roofs without many penetrations or obstructions, the wider rolls mean fewer rolls to handle, fewer seams to weld and quality-check, and less waste to dispose of. That can shave considerable time off project schedules and significantly reduce labor costs on fully adhered and induction-welded systems.

The 16-foot rolls are available in White in 45-mil, 60-mil and 80-mil thicknesses.

Wider rolls dramatically streamline the upfront work of loading and staging materials on the roof. There are fewer rolls to hoist to the rooftop. There is less maneuvering of cranes – often a tricky and time-consuming task. Disruption to normal building activities is minimized.

The 16-foot rolls cover 60% more roof area than the familiar 10-foot rolls, cutting by 40% the number of rolls that must be moved into place, kicked out and aligned. The number of seams that must be welded, probed and inspected is reduced by more than 25%. There are fewer T-patches to install.

With fewer rolls required to complete the job, there is less packaging and core waste to dispose of at the end of the job, saving time and making the wider rolls a better choice for the environment.

Like all Mule-Hide Products TPO membranes, the new 16-foot rolls deliver a combination of energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and affordability. They are reinforced to easily handle building thermal expansion and contraction. They are lightweight but highly resistant to tears, impact damage, punctures and wind uplift. The White membranes provide single-ply membrane reflectivity to deliver long-term reductions in cooling costs.

More information is available at mulehide.com.