URBANDALE, Iowa — Superstorm Restoration, an exterior restoration contractor specializing in roofing, siding, gutters and windows, was awarded the Owens Corning Pinnacle Innovation Award at the company’s annual North American Platinum Preferred Contractors Conference in San Antonio, Texas for its property assessment solution. 

Superstorm’s high-tech solution uses proprietary field applications developed over the past three years to accurately measure a roof, identify damage and defects and maintenance requirements. Using algorithms and artificial intelligence, the solution combines physical data collected via mobile phone, and drone-delivered assessment to provide property owners, contractors and insurance companies with the reports needed to deliver a seamless restoration experience. 

“We were early adopters of other drone-based measurement tools, but we quickly identified flaws in their systems,” said Chandler Steffy, founder of Superstorm Restoration. “We were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars leasing technology that we knew we could improve upon, so we set out to build something better; something that would benefit the property owner, the contractor and the insurance company.” 

The technology, scheduled to be available to companies nationwide, has widespread applications and has already attracted early interest from contractors and insurance companies who recognize the need for a universally accepted evaluation tool to provide quick, accurate estimates following a loss. IBIS estimates the U.S. roofing market alone at $52 billion. Fortune 500 companies are subscribing to assist in risk management.

“When a homeowner experiences a loss, they need their property repaired quickly and correctly. Insurance companies know that the longer it takes for an adjuster to come out and review the damage, the greater likelihood they have of losing a customer and ending up in litigation. By putting a data-driven tool in the hands of the insurance companies and contractors, we’re able to solve for both of those issues and create lifelong relationships” Steffy said.

Beyond identifying the condition of the property for homeowners and providing claims processors with data driven reporting, Steffy envisions use of the technology to facilitate accurate underwriting, and loss prevention by identifying risks before they become claims.  

“Insurers will be able to identify hazards for their clients and help them prioritize maintenance issues and store historical data to ensure safer facilities,” said Steffy. “Imagine the impact on the industry in terms of claims prevented and money saved.”