Among the many difficulties posed by the roofing industry’s continued supply crunch, roofing contractors are starting to face some challenges dealing with payments and performance bonds. With project delays more and more common due to the lack of materials, this is fast becoming an issue that many roofing contractors don’t know that much about, said legal expert Trent Cotney, partner at Adams and Reese.

“Contractors are not aware of a problem until it happens. And then they’re surprised and shocked,” Cotney said in the latest Legal Insights video chat with RC. “We’ve seen it in at least a dozen recent projects … so I’m seeing a consistent theme.” 

In this brief Legal Insights video, RC Editor Art Aisner asks Cotney to lay out what this trend means for roofers in the commercial space, and how they can prepare for what’s next. Cotney also explains the significance of guidelines recently issued by the U.S. Department of Justice concerning opioid use and protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

View the video here or visit our podcast page to download the audio version.