By now you’ve heard about the latest and greatest from Hilti: Nuron. Which means you know that Nuron launched with over 70 tools, which is pretty great. But with so many tools, where do roofing contractors get started?

In this video, Matt Jackson, senior director of marketing at Hilti, speaks with RC Publisher Jill Bloom and Walls & Ceilings Associate Editor Hannah Belloli about what specific tools from Nuron roofing contractors can start incorporating into their jobsites.

“They [roofing contractors] can get excited about the whole portfolio," Jackson said. "For starters, the safety equipment. All the tools come with a tether, so you can tether off any of the tools that are going to be used on a roof or a tight angle … Roofing contractors are going to benefit that everything on the platform can be used with a tether."

The other exciting aspect of Nuron, Jackson says, is that Hilti launched nine new saws. With these saws, whether you are doing work on the ground or on the roof, “you’re going to find power and performance, but if there’s any kind of a bind, the tools are going to protect the user."

Watch the video here or visit our podcast page to download the audio version.