Hilti Group has announced the launch of its new Nuron 22-volt cordless battery platform, available this month to contractors.

The battery platform is touted for performance, health and safety, compatibility, and data-driven services, all without compromise. Launching with more than 70 tools, Nuron enables Hilti customers to work at a jobsite fully cordless with built-in connectivity while increasing safety and tool durability. 

“With Nuron, we’re launching an entirely new battery platform that provides a much higher performance, is less complex, makes tool-part management much easier, and provides additional safety features,” said Hilti Group CEO Christoph Loos. “Based on a single battery system, it covers applications from light duty drilling all the way to heavy duty, concrete chiseling and cutting.”

Connectivity is at the core of the platform, making it part of every tool, battery, and charger now and well into the future. All tools generate data that is then stored on the Nuron batteries and sent securely to the cloud during every charge without any operator interaction. The data collected includes information such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location and battery state-of-health. This information can then be used to alert individuals if action is needed immediately or can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop via Hilti’s ON!Track software platform.

“With Nuron, Hilti enables customers to experience a fully-connected cordless ecosystem that puts performance and connected data to work and gives them the power and confidence of being safer, smarter, more efficient and more productive than ever before,” said Tassilo Deinzer, head of the power tools and accessories business unit.

All the battery packs and chargers work interchangeably under a single ecosystem to help reduce complexity for tool cribs and cost for business. The completely reengineered Nuron batteries are more durable including a new, robust fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers which provide extra protection even in the toughest conditions. The electronics are fully sealed to protect against moisture, dust and other jobsite contaminants.

Roofing contractors can rest assured that each tool in the lineup will enhance rooftop safety through the use of a tether. 

“All the tools come with a tether, so you can tether off any of the tools that are going to be used on a roof or worked on a tight angle, so roofing contractors are going to benefit that everything on the platform can be used with a tether,” said Matt Jackson, Hilti’s senior director of marketing. 

Contractors can also look forward to the launch of nine new saws. Jackson said researchers found that a lot of roofing contractors work on tight angles, and the active torque control (ATC) feature with Nuron will prevent that tool from throwing roofers somewhere they don’t want to be on a roof. The ATC is even available on one of Hilti’s smallest rotary hammers and drills, such as the TE 4-22 and the TE 6-22.

“So whether you are doing work on the ground that’s going to later go up on the roof or if you’re working directly on the roof, you’re going to find power and performance, but when there’s any kind of a bind, the tools are going to protect you,” he said.

Nuron products will be on sale to U.S. and Canadian customers Jan, 12 with shipments beginning in March.