BATON ROUGE, La. — A new app is helping businesses find the skilled workers they need in this often challenging and competitive labor market. BoomNation is a new app community where skilled workers find applicable content, communicate with employers, and find jobs within their field of work. This new app helps employers find and connect with qualified talent in just minutes.

BoomNation is utilizing its technology platform to modernize and optimize the workforce recruitment process and communication between job seekers and hiring managers of many trade industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and warehousing, utilities and much more. Built exclusively for skilled workers like welders, electricians, operators, pipefitters and others, tradesmen and women can download the app and join a community with real-time content, networking, and communications features, while also promoting their skills and craftmanship and finding and applying for jobs.

For employers, BoomNation offers them qualified job applicants and will soon offer a searchable database of verified skills among workers to provide more efficient communication and interaction among workers and employers with just a few clicks. 

BoomNation was created by a group of friends with deep roots in the blue-collar trades. The founders then turned to Waitr Founder Chris Meaux for his experience and expertise in high-growth business and technology to join them in growing this business. Meaux, now chairman and Co-CEO of BoomNation, along with Brent Flavin, Jeremey Hankins, and their fellow co-founders, realized there was a need for a more streamlined way for skilled tradesmen and women to connect with each other and with employers.

“Today, job market openings remain high and employers struggle to find qualified workers,” said Meaux. “Long job applications that are not mobile friendly often never receive a response back from employers and only add to the friction. BoomNation is the answer to improving employee/employer engagement leading to better job placement.”

Flavin said employers in industries like construction can’t find verified skilled workers to fill positions, and at the same time, workers are saying they can’t find jobs. He said the BoomNation app is a way to resolve this disconnect by bringing workers and employers together for the skilled trades.

"In fact, we recently had one tradesman tell us after searching all over for a job, he found BoomNation, created a profile and was quickly hired for a job just 15 minutes from his house, a job he didn’t even know existed before using the app," Flavin said.

The BoomNation app is more than just a place for finding jobs, it is a community of like-minded workers helping each other. Through the BoomNation newsfeed, workers can showcase their skills and pride of workmanship. Even if a worker isn’t looking for a job, it’s a place to see what others in the industry and trades are doing. 

“Through BoomNation we also created The Trench, a newsletter for app users … and its content is all by working hands for working hands,” said Flavin. “One of the biggest challenges for skilled workers is transparency of opportunity. A simple online search doesn’t help workers expand their expertise, but The Trench and BoomNation do.”

You can download the BoomNation app through the Apple and Google app stores. The app is free, and jobs are updated regularly.