More homeowners are recognizing the benefits of metal roofing, making now the perfect time for roofing contractors to enter the market. What better way to jump in than with a two-part series taught by a well-known expert in the field?

Rod Haddock, CEO and Founder of S-5! and director of Metal Roof Advisory Group, is holding his course on the fundamentals of metal roofing, “Understanding Metal Roofing: Part I and II,” on Feb. 2 during the 2022 International Roofing Expo.

Often billed as "Metal Roofing 101," the course includes technical information presented in a common-sense fashion that makes the art and science of metal roofing clear, concise and understandable. Topics include the history of metal roofing, metals and metallic coatings, metallurgy, galvanic weathering and material selection criteria.

IRE 2022 Seminar Session 

Title: Understanding Metal Roofing: Parts I and II
Speaker: Rob Haddock, director of Metal Roof Advisory Group and Founder and CEO of S-5!
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 2, 7:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.; Wednesday, Feb. 2, 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Room: 211

In Part II, Haddock covers the coil coating process, common and popular critical details of steep-slope and low-slope construction, curved applications and wind issues. The program also delves into system design, drainage principles and system selection criteria, including the principles of water-shedding and hydrostatic designs.

“The life-cycle costs and environmental appeal of metal truly offer many advantages. With escalating labor issues, the value of a material that lasts three or four times as long is much more relevant,” said Haddock.

For 35-plus years, Haddock has been a featured speaker at industry tradeshows, including METALCON and IRE. In addition, he is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and ASTM as well as a course author for the Roofing Industry Educational Institute, the Roof Consultants Institute and the University of Wisconsin.

Why You Should Go

The data shows metal roofing is on the rise. In RC’s 2022 State of the Industry Report, metal roofing usage edged out steep-slope asphalt shingles for the first time in the report’s history. However, metal roofing only accounted for 18% of residential contractors’ overall sales, meaning the industry is ripe with opportunity.

Contractors, architects, specifiers, roof consultants, engineers, building owners and maintenance staff will benefit from these sessions. It is considered one of the best “crash courses” available for sales personnel in-industry.

What You Will Get

  • A deeper understanding of core metal roofing fundamentals
  • Expert advice on the coil coating process and common steep-slope construction issues
  • A grasp on the various types of metal roofing systems and materials in steep and low slope roofing
  • Tips on fabrication and manufacturing techniques, various seam types and panel profiles in addition to underlayments, the use and misuse of sealants, seam technologies and the principles of thermal cycling and panel anchorage.