CHICAGO — The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released a new white paper, “MCM Best Practices: Proper Surface Preparation for Stiffener Adhesion.” The technical document focuses on the proper preparation for the two most predominant materials used for stiffener adhesion.

Metal Composite Material (MCM) cladding systems are an attractive and popular choice for aesthetics and durability. Among these benefits is MCM’s ability to deflect under load and return to flat after the load is removed. Still, MCM must meet the deflection requirements defined in the building code. To accomplish the requirements, MCM panels are generally reinforced using stiffeners adhered to the non-exposed side of the panel. This paper details the preparation of both the face and the stiffener surface to ensure that the bond remains intact and performs as required.

“Proper stiffener adhesion are one of the most important steps in MCM construction,” said Tom Seitz, chair of MCA’s MCM Alliance. “This paper provides clarity on the additional steps that may be required to adequately attach these stiffeners. MCA is proud to add this to our lineup of important documents on our website.”

Click here to read the document.