CLEVELAND — The Garland Company Inc. is showcasing its growing line of fluid-applied roofing membranes with a new brochure. With the inception of Garland’s low-odor and zero-VOC membrane, LiquiTec®, the Cleveland-based manufacturer has revitalized its entire fluid-applied offering with a keen focus on sustainability.

The new Fluid-Applied Roof Systems brochure spotlights the advantages of fluid applications as well as the features and benefits of Garland’s fluid-applied membranes. The piece also addresses previous misconceptions throughout the industry by offering important distinctions between fluid-applied membranes and maintenance coatings, like: “A maintenance coating is used to extend the life of an existing roof cover. A reinforced fluid-applied membrane is defined by the NRCA as an additional roof system.” This clarifies the appeal of fluid-applied roof systems as waterproof, reinforced, and capable of doubling a roof’s service life compared to maintenance coatings.

Fluid-applied roofing systems are not new to the industry, but the ways they are improving installation and environmental consciousness are revolutionary. Garland has been in the roofing business for over 125 years, and its commitment to fluid-applied roof systems is marking a new era of sustainability for customers.

“Fluid-applied membranes are on their way to dominating the industry. Not only do these systems feature extreme waterproofing capabilities and superb ease of installation, but they also have very desirable properties when it comes to sustainability," said Garland Product Manager of Fluid-Applied Roofing Systems Ed Buczek "Each fluid-applied system is manufactured and installed with the best interests of our customers and environment in mind.”

Garland’s fluid-applied membranes can extend the service life of a roof 20 years or more, making it a highly sustainable option. Fluid-applied membranes also reduce waste by avoiding unnecessary tear-offs and reduce energy consumption by promoting reflective surfacing. LiquiTec, which boasts a low-odor and zero-VOC composition, is a great example of Garland’s commitment to putting sustainability first. All of Garland’s fluid-applied membranes receive the Garland Greenhouse distinction for sustainable achievements in composition and/or impact once installed.

The new brochure can be a resource to many. Customers weighing cost-effective options, architects looking for unique solutions, and contractors preparing for installation can all find helpful resources and clarifications in this piece. Garland has also added an interactive version to its website, which offers additional articles, videos, and product details. Find this and Garland’s other brochures on its website.