Georgia-Pacific announces the launch of the first of a four-part video series demonstrating the value and key benefits of choosing a gypsum roof board to help protect against fire, wind, puncture, and hail.

The series, entitled “Four Dimensions of Durability in Roofing,” debuts at International Roofing Expo 2021 with the introduction of the first dimension, fire, and illustrates the advantages of adding a gypsum roof board to a roof assembly. Subsequent videos will focus on wind, puncture and hail, and will be released in the months to come.

“Choosing a coverboard for protection against fire, wind, puncture, and hail is the way to go,” said Jason Peace, vice president of marketing and product management for Georgia-Pacific Building Products. “The bottom line: no matter which DensDeck roof board a contractor chooses, protection is built in; we hope our new video series best answers the question of which is right for your assembly.”

Each video will focus on one of the four dimensions of durability that roofing contractors should expect from their coverboard, referencing testing methods and results; the entire video series will provide cross-referenced information between the elements, in addition to focusing on each one.

The free videos are accessible online here.