DALLAS — Cognitive Contractor, a pioneer in the application of data-driven customer acquisition solutions to the contractor industry, formally launched its end-to-end sales and marketing solution to the roofing and solar sectors.

Developed by roofing, construction, and technology entrepreneur Josey Parks, this purpose-built solution helps companies prioritize their sales and marketing efforts to focus on the leads that are most likely to become customers.

"Our technology can accurately predict your next sale," said Parks. "Now, sales teams are equipped with the knowledge they need to ensure they are knocking on the right doors and not wasting valuable sales hours or marketing dollars on people who will never convert. We also back their sales efforts with multi-channel marketing campaigns that pre-set appointments, so sales reps just have to show up and close. And every campaign is tracked, reviewed, and refined, to continually improve results."

Cognitive Contractor uses data analytics to build profiles of a contractor's ideal core customer. The AI-based technology uses this information to analyze the market and predict which leads are most likely to buy. Leads can also be filtered based on their highest potential value or lifetime value to hit specific revenue goals. When combined with the company's highly targeted and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns, contractors report closing rates that increase by double digits.

The company's analytical approach to data-driven lead generation and engagement produces powerful sales numbers for contractors who use the solution, including Parks' own companies.

"Data is powerful. When you analyze your customer base, you can identify common attributes among your best performing customers. Then, you can use that customer profile to identify similar targets in your market," Parks said. "Cognitive Contractor is far more advanced and deliberate than traditional lead generation services, where sales teams scramble to respond first — even when a lead doesn't fit the company's ideal customer profile. We are leveraging technology to help contractors be more strategic and successful in their prospecting efforts."

Steve Soule of CMR Construction & Roofing lauded Cognitive Contractor, saying it has "completely changed the trajectory of my company."

"They have transformed our entire approach to customer acquisition to be targeted and refined," Soule said. "Data-based insights from Cognitive have charted our course, and their continuous guidance has brought us even further than I could have imagined."