With solar mounting technologies evolving to improve installation efficiencies and reduce material and labor costs, it can become difficult for developers and installers to stay informed of changing technologies and adapt operating procedures accordingly.

That's why S-5! is holding a free roundtable discussion at 1 p.m. EST on Jan. 21. This live roundtable interactive discussion brings together metal roofing and solar installation experts with real-world experience installing the S-5-PVKIT 2.0, a leading “direct-attach™” system. 

Join moderator Mark Gies, director of solar business at S-5!, as he speaks with panelists Doug Claxton, principal and founder of The Solar Revolution & TSR Energy; Jesse Wiederin, founder/owner of The Solar Guys; and Shawn Haddock, director of IT and product support and senior field applications specialist with S-5!

Claxton and Wiederin will bring their extensive hands-on experience with every aspect of installing and wiring solar modules and module-level power electronics. Haddock has logged thousands of hours on metal roofs providing technical support and training to installers, as well as installing solar himself. They will discuss wire management practices for installing rail-less solar PV systems with a focus on low-slope commercial projects, where wire management gets complicated from the sheer size of the project, as well as integrating module-level power electronics.

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