Equipter, LLC, was founded by a roofer for roofers in 2004. Tired of the same old cleanup process that further exhausted him and his crew at the end of the day, Aaron Beiler came up with an innovative solution. 

And so the original Roofers Buggy was born.

The first few units were used exclusively on Aaron’s family-run roofing company’s roof replacement jobs. Once they experienced a significant difference in production, cleanup, and customer satisfaction, Aaron founded Equipter, LLC, to share this power with other roofing companies.

The flagship model, now known as the Equipter RB4000, is a lightweight aluminum dump container that helps enhance roofers’ relationships with their customers. Its ability to raise to 12 feet and its four-foot rollback feature lend to the New Roof No Mess® experience, exclusive to Equipter users, by reducing and even eliminating the amount of debris that hits the ground during tear-off. That means no damage to flowerbeds and no stray nails and staples that pose a danger to homeowners’ loved ones, pets, and tires. 


According to a recent survey, 52 percent of RB4000 owners say the unit helps them close at least two more jobs every month. Between adding the Equipter RB4000 New Roof No Mess messaging to their sales pitch and utilizing the RB4000’s full benefits on the job, more and more roofers are watching their businesses—and reputations—grow. 

Equipter strives for excellence in everything from equipment to customer service. Located in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the family-owned company now offers an array of American-made, self-propelled equipment to help enhance every part of the roofing process. 

Visit Equipter’s website to explore the company’s complete line of roofing equipment or call 717-661-3591 to connect with people who can help alleviate your roofing pains today.