At Acme Cone Co. we work with all leading manufacturers of TPO and PVC. While all of our standard items are made from reinforced .060 mil membrane, any item can be made from various mils, materials, colors, and reinforced or non-reinforced.

Originally a division of Evergreen Roofing of Oregon, Acme Cone Company was founded with a thorough knowledge base of both residential and commercial roofing that no other pre-flashing manufacturer can match. Acme Cone has quickly developed into its own company and facility, due to the immediate success of its easy-to-install pre-flashing products. Contractors and distributors soon realized these products were unique and of a higher and more consistent quality than competitors’ flashings. As a result, Acme Cone is now a full-scale manufacturer and distributor of PVC and TPO membrane accessories with international shipping capabilities. Acme Cone, which is based in Eugene, Ore., celebrates its sixth year of operation in 2014.

Maintenance studies show eighty percent of leaks on commercial flat roofs are attributed to penetrations or scuppers. All Acme products are made out of .060 fully reinforced membrane, unless otherwise requested. Each item sent out is strenuously inspected and has a 1-inch or greater weld seam to better protect from the elements. Using a unique hand-welding technique similar to that found in the field, Acme Cone can accommodate a wider range of projects than other pre-flashing companies. Unlike dielectric seaming techniques, Acme Cone uses heat welders to create intricate, reliable and durable flashings which comply with all membrane manufacturers specifications for application.

Due to the immediate and occasionally unpredictable nature of the roofing industry, finding flashings to fit your custom needs in a realistic amount of time has been difficult in the past. The growing Acme Cone staff can help you quickly finish your current job and move on to the next project. Whether purchasing common items which are stocked for immediate departure to your shipping yard or custom flashings made to order, Acme Cone eases the final process of commercial flat roofing. Standing orders (ex: 100 RVO Vent & Collar Combo-White-TPO, Monthly) can be arranged for larger endeavors.

Made by Roofers, for Roofers

Experienced roofers on staff have a comprehensive knowledge of how the industry works and how to best suit the needs of your project. Choose the company that can help you get it done right. Acme Cone utilizes roofing and building supply companies networking abilities nationwide and throughout Canada to get stock and custom detail flashings to cities near you. With international delivery options, Acme Cone can send any order directly to a jobsite, shipping yard or even your front door. Whatever your needs may be to get the job done Acme Cone can supply the final pieces to your next assignment. For more information, call 866-516-4079 or visit