Substance abuse continues to be an issue plaguing communities around the United States, and the roofing industry is not immune. Roofers in Recovery was founded to help get roofing industry professionals with substance abuse issues into treatment and to receive the help they need to live long and productive lives. The nonprofit is setting out on it first major coordinated campaign to help raise the funds needed to put 50 roofing professionals in rehab by year’s end.

On June 3, the organization hopes to have 150 roofing contractors from around the country each installing one roof and donating the profits from those jobs to their mission. Organizers are calling it National Roofers in Recovery Day.

At the start of March, roughly 50 roofers from around the country signed up to participate, said Roofers in Recovery Co-founder Eric Oberembt. He said it’s a lofty goal for a brand new fundraiser, but one the roofing industry can easily meet with a little initiative, empathy and coordination.

“If we can get 150 roofing contractors from across the country to agree to do this, we can raise enough money to reach our goal of getting 50 people into treatment this year,” said Oberembt, president of D&M Roofing and Siding in Waterloo, Neb. “We’re currently working with suppliers and manufacturers to become banner sponsors and will be hosting an end-of-year gala to release a rough cut of our full-length documentary.”

Contractors interested in participating or learning more should visit