MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. — Bosch Power Tools announced the addition of its new six-bay charger, the GAL18V6-80, offering convenience and speed when charging multiple Bosch 18V batteries. The sequential, two-cycle charging method is designed to minimize downtime, improve organization and stay power-ready in a lightweight, easy-to-transport package. 

“Designed to get users back to work as quickly as possible, the newest addition to the Bosch charger lineup delivers fast and efficient two-cycle charging,” said Jocelyn Cronin, project management specialist at Bosch Power Tools. “Offering power and convenience at an unparalleled value, the charger is must-have for pros in any trade.”

The GAL18V6-80 features an 8-amp charging current, which delivers four times the charging current of a standard charger. Eight-amp and sequential two-cycle charging gets users back to work quickly. The first cycle is capable of charging CORE18V 4.0 Ah batteries to 80% in 32 minutes and full charge in 50 minutes. Additionally, LED indicators show the charging cycle and level for each battery, allowing users to monitor and prioritize battery charging while they work.

The charger also features a cooling fan, providing active cooling to optimize charging and prevent overheating. Additionally, it comes a large handle and cord wrap to make transportation easy and convenient.

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