PORTLAND, Ore. — The latest industry report for the U.S. residential roofing sector shows that growth for metal roofing for new home construction has doubled, and continues to enjoy an ongoing steady demand among the repair/remodel market segment.

According to the recent 2019 Dodge Report data commissioned by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), metal roofing is the second most popular type of residential roofing in the U.S. For new construction, market share doubled from 4% in 2018 to 8% in 2019. The repair/remodel market share for metal roofing held steady at 12% for 2019.

The MRA attributes the increased demand for metal roofing among U.S. home builders to the adoption of more resilient building products that deliver better, long-lasting performance in climate extremes. The Mid-Atlantic region, where severe storms and hurricanes are common, saw the greatest increased use of metal roofing. Other factors that helped boost the popularity of metal roofing include the desire among consumers for more environmentally-friendly choices. Style and design also play a major role: Since 2015, the annual Dodge report has showed an increase in the popularity of a wide variety of metal roofing styles — including those that mimic shingles, shake, tile and slate — from 22% to 34% for 2019 in the repair/remodel market.

"Home builders have their finger on the pulse of what today's homeowners want and the latest trends in the market," said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. "As consumers become more educated about their options and gravitate towards building materials and practices that are resilient, sustainable and long-lasting, we're seeing that reflected in what builders are choosing to use."

Other factors driving demand for metal roofing include the increased adoption of residential solar systems and rising popularity of net zero homes. The research indicates that today's homeowners also understand the benefits of high-tech metal roofing coatings to boost energy efficiency and deliver low maintenance benefits.

"A changing climate will continue to lead homeowners and builders to construct more resilient homes in every region," said Dick Bus, president of ATAS International and the MRA. "Our goal is to make sure homeowners, whether they are replacing their roof or building a new home, have the resources and information they need to make the best choice possible."