The metal roofing market in the United States and Canada is growing tremendously and there’s just one thing holding back the opportunity for greater growth — the lack of qualified contractors and installers to support the demand.

At the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), we constantly hear from homeowners who are interested in installing metal roofing and are seeking help. The issue for the industry isn’t the absence of consumer interest, it’s the ability to connect local homeowners with experienced, knowledgeable installers ready to capitalize on the opportunity and provide great service.

This disconnect must be overcome if the industry is going to continue its sustained growth. Frustrated homeowners unable to find resources to install metal roofs often turn to alternative materials, not by choice, but because they’re simply unable to find a qualified installation professional.

As an industry, this represents a golden opportunity. MRA research shows that most homeowners interested in metal roofing value quality, reliability and longevity over trying to find the cheapest option. As any roofing contractor knows, these are often the best customers, willing and able to invest to get the job done right. Plus, quality metal material is durable and strong, which can reduce call-backs and lead to more satisfied customers, increasing profitability.

For contractors who want to pursue the hot opportunities that the metal roofing industry represents, MRA offers this advice:

Evolve your business

Change can be hard, and for roofers who traditionally have installed a certain type of roof, adopting new methods and learning to work with different materials can seem daunting. But it’s important to recognize that the market is changing. The need for more durable reroofing options like metal that can better protect homeowners in severe climate conditions is only going to increase in the future. To become better familiar with metal roofing installation, contact the MRA for resources and training opportunities. Our online, mobile-friendly resources such as MRA’s “Ask the Expert” forum can help installers deal with issues or challenges that may arise by giving them the ability to connect directly with the industry’s foremost metal roofing experts.

Market your services

For busy contractors and installers, finding the time to market your services and identify qualified leads in your area can be very time-consuming, yet it’s essential for generating ongoing business. Rather than going it alone, consider marketing your business and connecting with homeowners in your local region through leading resources such as MRA’s website that allows you to not only list your business, but highlight your experience, the projects you’re proud of and tout your credentials. It also gives you real-time business insight and performance metrics, so you can better track your success.

Connect with qualified homeowners

Chasing leads through mass market advertising can be expensive and inefficient. It’s much better (and easier) to target homeowners who have already raised their hand and identified themselves as being in the market for a new metal roof. Every week, MRA receives dozens of qualified leads from homeowners who are ready to get started on their metal roofing project and want to be put in touch with qualified local contractors. By becoming an MRA qualified installer, you’ll receive leads that have already been initially vetted, saving time and resources from having to identify interested homeowners in your area all on your own.

There’s no doubt that the metal roofing market is ripe with opportunity, but only if the industry collectively works together to raise the bar and ensure that homeowners can connect with the experienced, knowledgeable resources they need. At MRA, when it comes to supporting the growth of metal roofing, we’re committed to making sure it’s a win-win experience for both homeowners and the trade. Learn more at