PORTLAND, Ore. — Following a year of uncertainty, the residential metal roofing industry in the U.S. and Canada is emerging stronger and healthier than ever, as demonstrated by the latest reports and growth of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), the leading nonprofit organization representing the industry.

Three new ancillary member companies have joined the MRA in the past month alone and each represent how advanced and innovative the metal roofing industry has become. New MRA members include:


DroneBase provides fast, affordable and reliable data from the air so that customers can make better informed, real-time decisions. Based in Los Angeles, Calif., DroneBase supports a wide variety of industry with innovative aerial data drone services, including architecture, engineering and construction, as well as residential real estate.

 Artis Technologies

Located in Atlanta, Artis Technologies powers an embedded financial services platform for digital, point-of-need lending and payments. With a mobile-first design, real-time payments and intricate AI/ML-based decisioning, the company is modernizing how consumer financing is done.

Polyglass USA Inc.

Polyglass is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, leading manufacturer of self-adhered roofing underlayment products designed to meet every steep-slope roofing situation and challenge. The company has six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including five in the U.S.

With the mission to increase awareness of the beauty, durability and money-saving advantages of quality metal roofing among homeowners, MRA offers a variety of membership levels including manufacturer (national and regional), supplier, ancillary/accessory, trade associations and media partnerships. In addition, MRA offers a robust membership for contractors and distributors in the metal roofing industry.

The latest jump in MRA new members corresponds to the rise in popularity of residential metal roofing as evidenced by the just-released 2020 Dodge Report that measures overall roofing demand and activity on an annual basis. The report reveals that the share of metal roofing used for residential re-roofing in the U.S. rose from 12% in 2019 to 15% in 2020.

“It’s very exciting to see the innovation and growth that’s happening throughout the industry,” said Renee Ramey, MRA executive director. “The fact that quality metal roofs last longer, are more protective and sustainable in the face of climate extremes and offer greater reliability and peace of mind are benefits that strongly resonate with homeowners these days. Our members, who represent the best the industry has to offer, are the driving force behind the momentum we’re seeing.”