The co-owner of a Virginia-based roofing and home renovation company is being charged with four felony counts in addition to being convicted of grand larceny of $45,000.

The Roanoke Times reports Nathan Jay Laurain, 37, failed to perform contracted construction work after accepting advance payments for the jobs. Laurain is the co-owner of HomeFront Renovations, which, according to a search warrant filed in July by the Virginia State Police, banked over $1 million since the fall.

The warrant states a minimum of six customers entered into a written contract with HomeFront for roof construction and other jobs. These six individuals paid for work that wasn’t received and are requesting refunds. The warrant accuses Laurain of sending forged completion certificates to insurance companies to collect remaining funds.

“A review of HomeFront Renovations SunTrust bank account show the business has deposited over $1.25 million worth of checks since October 1, 2019,” the warrant stated, per the Roanoke Times.

In addition to the forged documents, the Virginia State Police warrant claimed Laurain and his company do not possess any type of Virginia Contractor’s License. Laurain faces five counts of this misdemeanor offense in the Roanoke General District Court.

Laurain and his company are also accused of intentionally damaging property to collect insurance payments — claims that are backed up by video recordings and statements from a former employee of the company. However, no charges have been filed against Laurain as of Aug. 14 regarding this matter.

Laurain’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 17. He last appeared in court on Aug. 13, where he was charged with an unrelated count of embezzling from another company, HJ Home Improvements, in August 2019.

The Roanoke Times reports the other co-owner of HomeFront Renovations was named in the warrant, but hadn’t been criminally charged as of Aug. 14.